8 Great Things About Baltimore Living

2015 has been a rough year for Baltimore. I lived there for two years, including during the riots, before moving out this past September. But as all Baltimoreans want you to know, there are so many amazing things about the city that don’t get enough credit. Here’s my personal list of what make Baltimore an amazing place to live (and all photos are from my iPhone):

  1. Surrounded by water. Once you live by the water, it’s hard to ever leave it. One of my favorite things in Baltimore was to go for runs along the Promenade.IMG_4850
  2. Rooftop decks. With a lack of yard space in the city, it’s amazing to have a rooftop deck for extra hang out space and to enjoy the great outdoors. Baltimore seems to have a particularly high number of rooftop decks, and they’re definitely worth seeking out. And those SUNSETS. IMG_5921
  3. The art and music scene. Festivals like Artscape and quirky museums like AVAM contribute to a unique art scene. And some of my favorite music venues ever are in Baltimore – including Pier 6 and the 8×10 club.

    View from the American Visionary Art Museum
  4. Seafood. You just can’t beat fresh seafood, and Baltimore is one of the best places to find it since it’s right on the Chesapeake Bay. IMG_8602
  5. Sports. We have the Ravens and the O’s! Lots of team spirit, and for teams that hold their own on a national level. IMG_3759
  6. Quirky fun. Where else can you go on an Urban Pirate Cruise where sailors pour rum into your mouth for doing the limbo? Arrr, no where else!Version 2
  7. Lively social scene. It’s fairly easy to meet new people and make friends in Baltimore, especially if you join a team through Baltimore Social. Many games end in friendly flip cup tournaments at a local bar.Bmore_Cornhole2-01
  8. Character and charm. From cobblestones to exposed brick, Baltimore is a historic city with lots of charm and down-to-earth people.IMG_4376

Those are just a handful of reasons why I believe Baltimore is a wonderful place to live. If you have any other reasons, feel free to add in the comments!


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