DIY – Garment Rack With Wooden Crates

You know what really annoys me on blogs with recipes and DIY projects? Long intros about the person’s life. So I’m just going to give you the basics on how I created this amazing Garment Rack With Wooden Crates for my new room that I just moved into.

  • 6 wooden crates (I got mine on sale at JoAnn Fabrics. Plus, sign up for their coupon app and get an automatic 20% off your entire order).
  • One ¾” long copper pipe, two smaller 3/4″ copper pipes, two ¾” elbow pieces, and two 3/4″ male copper connectors (aka threaded adapters). I found everything in one aisle in Home Depot.
  • Two ¾” floor flanges or other method (these were more expensive. Bought them to try and attach to the wall, before finding out my walls are pure plaster and have lead paint).
  • Drill
  • Wood screws (long enough to go through the first crate and into the second, but not all the way through the second)
  • Copper epoxy, or super glue (optional)
  • Tube cutter/copper cutter (optional)


Basic Steps
  1. Stack three wooden crates on top of each other (facing the same direction), and drill pilot holes slightly smaller than the screws. We put two in each, catty-corner to each other, and that held it well. Then, screw in the wood screws, and do the same for the other three crates.
  2. Measure how far you want your copper pipe to reach. Our pipe was a little too long for my nook, so we cut it first with a tube cutter.
  3. Connect long copper pipe and two smaller pipe pieces into copper elbow pieces (we also put epoxy inside of them for extra strength and to make sure they stay together). Also, secure the “copper connectors” onto the ends of the two shorter copper pipes.Connecting-Pipes2
  4. If using epoxy, wait the specified amount of time for it to dry.
  5. Connect copper pipe elbow pieces into floor flanges.
  6. Position the crates where you want them (I had mine facing two different directions).
  7. Drill holes for the floor flanges on the tops of the wooden crates and screw the floor flanges on.
  8. Hang clothes!

When finished, the crates serve as extra storage space, too. These are really basic step-by-step instructions, so feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

Here’s another blog that I looked at when working on this project:

(I used this as my main resource, and followed the same instructions for connecting the copper pipes)

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