The Biking Millennial

Now that my commute is approximately 18x’s shorter than it was, I’m going to try biking to work. I’ve never been much of a bike rider previously, but I was visiting my friend in New York recently and she bikes 40 minutes to work every day from Brooklyn to Manhattan – and says it’s the best part of her day. Exercise, fresh air, being outdoors before being stuck at a desk for eight hours…worth a try!

Biking with cars on the road kind of scares me, though. To make sure I’m prepared, I recently bought a helmet off Amazon and read up on some biking rules. I also researched bike lanes in my little city, and found that they’re practically nonexistent. Which is strange, considering it’s such an outdoorsy area. (Note to self: become an activist to have more bike lanes created in the city).

bike to work
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Also, did you know that your employer can technically get paid to help accommodate their employees biking to work? $20 per month, per employee. I also found out that the number of bike commuters grew 70% from 2000 to 2009 in the U.S. Pretty neat stuff.

That new helmet off Amazon will be coming in tomorrow, so maybe I’ll attempt my first bike-to-work day on Friday. Wish me luck!

Here are a few more resources on bike safety I read:

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