The Nomadic Millennial

Well, it’s moving day tomorrow. To be honest, I’ve lived in eight different places over the past three years. Seven of those places were in two years, actually, and then I lived at my current place for a whole year (thank you, thank you; it was quite the accomplishment).

Although my dear family and friends probably want to strangle me every time they hear I’m moving again, it’s really one of the great things about being a millennial in your mid-twenties. Because when else can you just pack up your boxes and move whenever it suits you? I moved states, I moved for jobs, I moved for friends, I moved away from a friend (that didn’t work out so well as a roommate), and I’m moving this time to be closer to work.

In fact, I’m quite excited at the possibility of being able to bike to work. The daily fresh air and exercise will be a tremendous improvement to my current situation of sitting in a car for an hour every day during the drive home. My dad really pushed me over the edge when he insightfully pointed out that I spend the equivalent of an extra work day commuting in my car each week (about 8 hours/week).

So, although it means packing everything into boxes again and bribing loved ones to help me move, it will hopefully be for the better. That’s pretty much what every move is – a search for a better living situation to improve your quality of life in some way. But why not? If something isn’t working out and you feel stressed out in your own house or apartment, then make a move for the better while you can. Someday it will be harder, when you have a family and have to consider their jobs or schools, or you own a place. Mine as well take advantage of the flexibility of renting while you can (and while you’re throwing all that money down the toilet instead of investing it in a property you own).

nomadic millennial

Side note – I’m the only person that’s used the hashtag #WhereAmISleepingNextMonth on Instagram (don’t know why), but you can see that photo above. This particular one was taken when I was trying to move out of Virginia but couldn’t by the time my lease was up, so I had to move into a boyfriend’s house for a month. To answer the “Where am I sleeping next month?” question, I then moved into a house with another girl in Virginia for a month, then finally got a new job out of state and moved again.


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